Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Yarn Along


Joining with Ginny for the first time, I am having a blast crocheting up 80 of these little bookworms, they are bookmarks that my kids will be handing out for Valentines Day. They crochet up in just a few minutes each and once I glue some googly eyes on them the kids should love them! I find them a little more meaningful than traditional store bought cards. I will repost a picture of them when they are all done, they really are quite cute.

I really enjoy reading but can never seem to get settled into a book, I just cant devote the time. So I find magazines a good fix, I can read just one article at a time and they are very educational, this week I am reading a new edition of one of my favorite magazines, The New Pioneer, it is loaded with great articles to help us learn about becoming completely self sufficient.

What are you creating and reading????

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