Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Weekend of Creativity

This weekend we made up for a week of illness. Everyone was sick all week and finally recovered by the weekend. We definitely made up for lost time.
We had the idea to try out candle making, it was fun and turned out well. We decided to keep our candles simple and put them in our favorite containers....Mason Jars!! Our oldest son (Mason) loves these jars because he at the ripe old age of 10 says those jars are named after him!!!!

We also tried our hand at candy making, first we tried sponge taffy, it tasted delicious but we couldn't get it out of the pan!!!  We will try that again another time
Then we made some salt water taffy, that turned out great. It was a lot of pulling and stretching but it was worth it. We had watermelon flavoring so that's what we made. You really need to try to make it some day, something about making it yourself seems to taste so much better!!!

Pictures from the candle making process.
The second picture is a re purposed container! I used an empty tuna can and shaped it into a heart, then painted it. Great Valentines gift too!!!!

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