Monday, February 6, 2012

Another Weekend Gone!!!

Well we went into the weekend with big plans!!!! We just got a huge lot of antique horse harnesses that we are going to reuse and repurpose into other wonderful things, we had plans to pick up a new dairy goat that just lost her kid, and a male potbellied pig to have as a breeding partner for my beloved Priscilla!!!! With all those plans and so much to do and create...........we all got sick!!!!!!!! 2 adults and 5 kids all laying around the house suffering from cold symptoms, coughs and high fevers. We did nothing but whine and complain to each other comparing who felt worse.... I still say it was me because sick or not mommy still needs to take care of everyone, cook and clean... not to mention be the only one who couldn't take any medication due to pregnancy!!!! I win hands down!
Hopefully the week gets better... quickly

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