Monday, February 20, 2012

Simple Life?????

I suggest the question...... Are we living a simple life???? I know that is our goal as a family, that is what we work towards and hopefully have, but when I look around the house I have to ask myself .... do we have a simple life? Sometimes I easily answer yes, but other times when I am tripping over toys and clothes and "stuff" all over the house I have to wonder.
I have been purging so much lately to become more "simple" doing so has also made my life easier and more organized.... I love that!!!
There are some toys I know my kids would miss though, those are the toys that never seem to get old, the ones everyone will play with no matter what the age difference, the ones that keep them engaged and creative for hours. I have looked at those toys and realize they are the simple toys, the inexpensive toys, and the home made toys. So many people give my children gifts of toys even though we ask them not to and say they have more than enough.....( with 5 going on 6 kids  there are a lot of toys). but they just keep coming!!!!
Anyways my point is the real toys, the ones they love, are the simple ones, wood blocks, play doh, sand, pencils and paper, dress up clothes, baby dolls etc.
I want to use my kids toys as an example, simple is better, and I want to change a lot of other things to be just that... simple

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