Sunday, March 4, 2012

If anyone can help

A fund has been started to help my family rebuild our home and our lives, if you would like to make  a donation please follow the link below, thanks in advance for you help


 Our house Thursday March 1st 2012....the worst day or our lives
 Our front door
 Family Room
from the from to the back, no more walls, floor or roof

Thursday morning 12:30am, we were woken by a rattling noise at our bedroom door and the smell of smoke, we had no time to waste. We had to get out, my husband grabbed the kids, i grabbed the baby, kicked out the window and we all escaped through the bedroom window, ran to a neighbours house in nothing but pj's banging on her door begging for help. She called the fire department, they arrive 15 minutes later, but that point it was to bad to fight, they tried and after more than 3.5 hours this is what is left, we have lost everything.
Now we live in a hotel until we can find a house and begin to rebuild our lives.
Fire is the scariest thing I have ever been through, it will be hard for a long time, but the main thing is we have each other.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Simple Life?????

I suggest the question...... Are we living a simple life???? I know that is our goal as a family, that is what we work towards and hopefully have, but when I look around the house I have to ask myself .... do we have a simple life? Sometimes I easily answer yes, but other times when I am tripping over toys and clothes and "stuff" all over the house I have to wonder.
I have been purging so much lately to become more "simple" doing so has also made my life easier and more organized.... I love that!!!
There are some toys I know my kids would miss though, those are the toys that never seem to get old, the ones everyone will play with no matter what the age difference, the ones that keep them engaged and creative for hours. I have looked at those toys and realize they are the simple toys, the inexpensive toys, and the home made toys. So many people give my children gifts of toys even though we ask them not to and say they have more than enough.....( with 5 going on 6 kids  there are a lot of toys). but they just keep coming!!!!
Anyways my point is the real toys, the ones they love, are the simple ones, wood blocks, play doh, sand, pencils and paper, dress up clothes, baby dolls etc.
I want to use my kids toys as an example, simple is better, and I want to change a lot of other things to be just that... simple

Wilber has Arrived!!!!!

Wilber is a pure bred pot bellied pig, he will only grow to be about 50lbs. Right now he is 3 months old, but soon will be ready to breed. He is getting along very well and is well loved!!!!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Yarn Along

Joining Ginny again this week for Yarn Along

This week I am making a bear Snuggle blanket for a friend who just had a baby. I know I said that I would be making something for myself this week, but as usual that's not gonna happen!!!!
I know it doesn't look like much right now but soon it will be so cute you will be saying awww I need to make that!!!! I don't have a pattern for this I am just kind of making it up as I go, I am sure it will turn out well!! ( I hope)
I am reading a special put out by Hobby Farms this week on Chickens, another magazine loaded with information. We will be getting some new chicks this spring and I just want to brush up on some knowledge to be sure I care for them the best I can!
I will post a finished product on the snuggle blanket as soon as its done!! Cross your fingers for me.....I think I know what I am doing!!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day
Today is the day to express you love to one another
We live our lives doing this on a daily basis and really see no need to make a special attempt to show love....however we will use it as an excuse to bake a little more of the sweat stuff and go with a heart shaped theme!
We will be baking some cookies, and doing something special for dinner, we also give our kids a little something, I will post pictures later!!
Have a great day and don't forget to say I love you to those who deserve it!!!!

Finally Winter Showed it Face

Finally winter decided to come, IT SNOWED!!!!
We love snow, there is so much to do in it....unfortunately by the time the storm finished and we got bundled up to head outside it was to cold to stay out for long!!!!!
But it was fun no matter what!

Playing in the snow makes one little girl very sleepy!!!!!