Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Yarn Along

I am joining in with Ginny from in yarn along again this week!
After a week of making bookworms for my kids to hand out at school this Valentine's Day, I thought well they must give a little something to their teachers too.....right??? Well, came across these adorable little Apple Cozies, they stop apples from getting bumped and bruised!! They are so cute and quick and easy to make up. I have  5 of these to make and  I think I am going to make them all in nice bright spring colors. I think though these would look much nicer with some natural birch buttons from Tonya at, I just love her families creations, so natural and creative!
As I mentioned last week I love to read but am not big on books, so I cheat a bit here and put some spare time into magazines!!! This week I am reading the newest Hobby Farm Home magazine, I find all of these so full of useful knowledge that I often keep articles for future reference, but because I just don't have room to collect magazines I tear out the articles that interest me and collect them all in a binder that I call my reference binder. I know I can always find whatever I am looking fro here all organized by dividers and collected in plastic page protectors!!!!
Leave me a comment below on what you think or what you are making and reading this week.


  1. I LOVE the apple covers! They are so cute and a wonderful twist on the "give teacher an apple" tradition. Brilliant!

    1. Thanks so much!!!! They are so easy to make too. Let me know if you would like the pattern. I will also be posting them in my etsy shop tomorrow

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  3. I do the same thing with magazine articles. It is all the things I want to try or do eventually.